About Us

Hi!! I'm Ashley Cashler. I have always loved plants of all kinds, I remember growing up and always noticing plants everywhere I went. I never did anything serious with it until about 10 years ago. I bought my first plant and killed it. So I bought another, and killed it also. I went through this for a while and thought maybe the plant life isn't for me. 7 years ago, I had a friend bring me a single leaf cutting of a Tradescantia Zebrina, so I researched what to do with it. I decided to water propagate it. After it grew roots, my heart exploded!! Maybe I CAN take care of plants. I planted her and watched her GROWWW. It made me feel so incredible and filled my heart with joy & then depression hit hard. I have always struggled with depression but this time it was really bad. The one thing that kept me going was this little houseplant, so, I did what anyone would do, I bought more plants. I realized I found so much joy in taking care of something that didn't call me "mom" and that I could work on it in quiet. I found a love for taking care of plants that looked ROUGH. 


Watching them go from near death to totally thriving transformed my love for rehabbing plants. I learned how to rehab plants through extensive research and buying from big box stores like Lowes or Walmart. All of that spawned into my love for more exoctic plants, tropical plants, rare plants, and plants you won't easily find in big box stores. My passion continued to grow. As I still struggle with depression from time to time, plants have been my therapy. They have been my healthy way to take care of my mental health. 


After I realized how much this improved my mental health, I decided to turn my passion into my business, thus, Cashler Plant Co was formed in June of 2023.