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Hoya Kerrii Albomarginata

Hoya Kerrii Albomarginata

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Hoya Kerrii Albomarginata, also known as the Variegated Sweetheart Plant, is a delightful succulent cherished for its charming heart-shaped leaves edged in creamy white variegation. Native to Southeast Asia, this slow-growing plant is a popular choice for indoor gardens and collectors due to its unique foliage and easy-care requirements. While it occasionally produces clusters of fragrant, star-shaped flowers, its main allure lies in its distinctive foliage. Hoya Kerrii Albomarginata thrives in bright, indirect light and well-draining soil, making it an excellent choice for homes and offices with ample sunlight. With its adorable heart-shaped leaves and low-maintenance nature, this variegated sweetheart is sure to capture the hearts of plant enthusiasts everywhere.

This comes in a 2.5" pot

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